Kim Egner

Howdy, Compass

 The artist in her natural habitat.

The artist in her natural habitat.

Howdy, Compass. I’m Kim.

A designer, illustrator, writer, and an unshakable optimist in Austin, Texas. If I’m not creating, I’m probably rowing or running around Lady Bird Lake.

When I discovered Compass, I knew I had stumbled on something I wanted to be a part of: A company at the forefront of its industry, with a foundation in tech and a strong design sense, breaking new ground in Austin.


Why Me

I think I’m a perfect fit for Compass, and I want to show you all the reasons why.

  • I live and breathe brand design. 

  • I’ve built a strong history of delightful user journeys.

  • I play with new ways to communicate through illustration.

  • I’m passionate about building a deep understanding of the problems I solve.

  • Today I run my own freelance business, and before that I was a remote Designer for the global tech company Bazaarvoice. Through my experience in both roles, I’ve developed a keen understanding of how to establish and maintain strong design systems and clear communication.


Why Compass

I think joining this team is the next step in my career.

  • I see huge opportunities for the future of Compass in Austin, and can’t wait to dive in.

  • With a career rooted in tech branding and marketing, I know Compass’ users and their problems.

  • I’m looking for a culture of inclusivity, self-improvement, and openness.

  • Compass is establishing itself in the Austin market, and I want to help guide the visual direction.


It all starts here.