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Far West Capital Website

After a few months of crafting the brand look and feel for Far West Capital, I began working with a developer to rebuild the Far West Capital website. This website went through several iterations of process flows, design, copywriting, and testing in order to accurately interpret behaviors and improve deliverables through the user experience and interface. Through storytelling, we were able to humanize the FWC brand to make it stand out among other, more established factoring companies. 

Project Goals

  • Far West Capital is a financial factoring company that provides flexible funding options for small businesses. Our overarching goal was to simply and clearly communicate the many benefits of Far West Capital services.

  • Redesign and rebuild to be a powerful leads tool.

  • Move from custom CMS to Wordpress.

  • Effectively communicate Far West Capital’s record of extraordinary, personalized client service.

  • Launch new pages explaining “What is Factoring” for those new to the concept. 

  • Incorporate Far West Capital’s stellar Trustpilot ratings and reviews.

  • Concurrently redesign ALL marketing materials housed on the site (see Resources page below).

Far West Capital About page


The new Far West Capital website design consisted of 14 screens

...designed from the bottom up for Wordpress implementation. See them all at FarWest


Far Reaching, Far West Capital's social impact initiative