Kim Egner
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Day 1

It’s April 3rd, which is a big day in the art world. Today marks the first day of the official 100 Day Project and 36 Days of Type! It’s also my first day to dive into Lauren Hom’s Passion to Paid program. True to form, I’m doing all three.

“Why are you doing this? Are you a monster?”

When I quit my job a year ago, I had big plans. I was going to sustain myself with freelance work, but I was also planning to shift my focus to illustration. Leaving that job was a personal victory for me…no more late nights powering through passionless projects, no more checking email first thing in the morning, no more anxiety that I might be laid off next. I was my own boss now, and I was going to change my life for the better.

But without a clear plan ahead, old habits persisted: Sitting at the computer for hours, pushing my own priorities out of the way for client work, and pursuing projects that I wasn’t interested in. It’s really hard to ignore the urge to jump on every last-minute client request. It’s like a reflex that you have to train yourself out of. On top of that, freelancing turned out to be an endless loop of educating and re-educating clients on process, as well as setting and re-setting boundaries.

While it has taken longer than expected, I’m much happier now that I’ve trained away a lot of the bad habits from the world of tech. I no longer frantically check my phone in the morning to see if there’s a fire to put out. I run on the trail and go on long neighborhood walks. I read, write, and draw almost every day. I actually eat the spinach in the refrigerator!

And that’s why I’m taking on these personal projects. It sounds like a lot, but with a clearer mind, I have both the motivation and the time. Plus, I’ll be integrating 36 Days of Type into my 100 Day Project because…

  1. It gives me a jumping-off point.
  2. It fits well within my theme.
  3. I’ve wanted to make an alphabet for a long time, but haven’t tackled it yet.

In the meantime, Passion to Paid will give me the structure I need to develop my ideas into an actionable plan beyond the 100 Day Project. Each week, I’ll do the work to build my portfolio in the direction I want to go.

See you on the other side!

Kim Egner