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Lots of people have been asking me about the paper tiles I've been making every day. Specifically, what their purpose is. The answer? They're not necessarily for anything, other than a daily creative practice. If this project results in a cool portfolio piece or kick-starts other projects, great! But the whole goal is to establish a daily creative that you can fit in under an hour (or even 15 minutes if life gets out of hand).

To clarify, I’m officially doing the 100 Day Project, but decided to incorporate 36 Days of Type to kick-start the whole thing (since they both started on April 3). These are global events, so thousands of other people are participating in their own way. Posting to Instagram creates accountability…something we creatives often desperately need for motivation. Plus, thousands of other people are putting their own spin on the project and it’s cool to see what other people are working on!

So...why 100 days?

100 days is a concrete number that extends beyond the 66 days it takes to build a habit. You could easily do a 365 day project if you feel like continuing. Personally, I think at the end of this 100 days I'll move on to a different daily project. The point is to never stop making.

When you do something creative every day, it affects your mental plasticity. The more creativity you use every day, the more you have. That's the really cool thing about never runs out because it literally regenerates itself! That being said, there are definitely days when I feel like I can't come up with anything interesting and sketch out 20 different versions before I start making a tile, and then there are days when I make one sketch and jump into cutting before the idea is fully fleshed out. I honestly think that has more to do with whatever else is going on in my life on a given day than anything to do with "the muse" or any other voodoo creative force.

Fun fact: Originally, my plan was to do these tiles in watercolor. I did a test run and it took about four hours. So on Day 1, I looked at my stack of Bristol and the X-Acto knives lying dormant in my studio and thought, screw it. The first one took about 30 minutes, and I was surprised by how simple and fun it was. Thus the project was born.

If you want to learn more about either project, check out #the100dayproject and #36daysoftype on Instagram. And if you want to do your own daily project, just start!

Kim Egner